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What does an organization like AARP do when there is a need for a new narrative on retirement? Create Life Reimagined, a start-up, to help 40-65 year olds navigate life transitions in a fulfilling way. We helped them meet this challenge as an embedded product team.

Aligning Goals

We helped users build their own purpose statements and come up with goals that felt aligned with their purpose. By making the activities playful and game-like, users were motivated to create an action plan and a timeline. If they needed extra motivation, we provided certified life coaches who would help them take the next step.

Getting to the Point

Users experienced thought leaders' books and teachings directly by watching videos, taking quizzes, journaling, and engaging with other interactive activities. Our project managers assembled programs in a custom-built CMS — all from our library of reusable elements — in conjunction with experts.

Subscription Marketing

In addition to plenty of free content, we offered tiered subscription packages depending on how much time users wanted with a life coach. We also experimented with paywall configurations, constantly using metrics to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Capitalizing on Play

To drive registrations, we created a highly shareable social media campaign—a mashup blending humor and self-discovery—that populated the first step of an online program to explore purpose.

Rescripting the Narrative

We conceived a complex system architecture, driven by content taxonomy and usage data, to serve relevant information, including personalized recommendations—all to support a new vision for retirement.


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Bringing Dr. Phil to Digital

We brought one the TV's biggest daytime stars to the internet, converting his bestseller into an online program to help users seek real change.